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I have created these unique, one of a kind backgrounds, not to be found elsewhere. You can now add yourself in these too! Exclusive to GNDPHOTOS! You can send me a portrait of yourself and I will use my skills to create an image with your chosen background (see the samples provided).

In order to place an order follow these simple step-by-step instructions below: 

1. Chose the background you desire

2. Upload your own portrait on the left with the name of your chosen background

3. Wait for a confirmation email of your portrait being accepted

4. Once you are satisfied click 'Pay now' with your referance number

All you need to do is wait! With a quick four days turn around, the digital image will be sent to you.

Additionally our photographer can offer a shoot at your chosen location to garuantee an accepted portrait. (Email us on

Please note: The quality of the portrait you send will need to be of a good nature for the best possible outcome, we may reject the purchase if it does not meet the quality standard required. This is for quality assurances purposes. Anything above a 3MB file is more than likley to meet the requirement. 

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